MUST-B. Field data collection for honey bee colony model evaluation

MUST-B. Field data collection for honey bee colony model evaluation

About the project

The aim of this project is to provide real field data from different environments and locations of Europe for validation of the ApisRAM model (OC/EFSA/SCER/2016/03). This model is developed to assist in the evaluation of the risks of pesticides to honeybee colonies in a multistressor environment. It allows to extrapolate the impact that may be shown at the individual bee to colony level. 

Contact details

Data providers, that participated in the project.

About shared data

Total number of data points shared: 206,986

Dew Point

Dew Point in °C

Egg rate

Queen egg rate in the previous 21 days. This rate can be calculated from the amount of total brood dividing by the 21 "incubation" days.

Harvested honey (yield)

Kg of honey that were harvested by the beekeeper. It can help to calculate the beekeepers' profit and the amount of honey left in the colony after harvest (for wintering).

Hive Management

Logged events on various Hive Management tasks.

Hive materials

Weight of all hive materials in kg including frames weight (wood and wax), boxes, base, roof, etc. This information can help to calculate the amount of honey within a colony.

Hive scales

Beehive weight in Kilograms

Inside relative humidity

Inside relative humidity in percentage

Inside temperature

Inside temperature in Celsius degrees

Kg Honey/nectar

Kg of honey/nectar in the whole colony. 


Apiary and colonies monitoring.

Outside relative humidity

Outside relative humidity in percentage

Outside temperature

Outside temperature in Celsius degrees


Number of adult bees in the whole colony. Data provider should clarify if it includes all bees or just inside (nurse) bees (excluding foragers). Usually, data gathered from several visis

Queen presence

Whether the queen is present and healthy and if queen is not present or if it is a new queen that did not start laying eggs yet. 


Rain in liters per square meter


Logged events on various sampling.

Scale Weight Change

Logged events on scale weight changes.

Solar Radiation

Solar Radiation in wat/m²

Total Brood Cells

Number of brood cells in the whole colony. It includes capped, larva and egg cells.

Total Capped Cells

Number of capped cells in the whole colony.

Total Eggs Cells

Number of egg cells in the whole colony.

Total Larva Cells

Number of larva cells in the whole colony.

Total Pollen Cells

Number of beebread cells in the whole colony.

Total Uncapped Cells

Number of uncapped cells in the whole colony. It includes eggs and larva.

Wind Direction

Wind Direction in Degreases

Wind Gust

Wind Gust in km/h

Wind Speed

Wind Speed in km/h